by Alan Deidun

Leo’s recent complaint that his Ministry was not consulted on the proposed MEPA demerger and on the SPED, as well as on the avalanche of proposed planning policies is an inane attempt at exculpation since surely his Ministry does not need to wait for the Parliamentary Secretariat responsible for MEPA policies to knock on its door in order to prompt it into action. Incidentally, it seems to have escaped Leo Brincat that he sits in the same Cabinet as the said Parliamentary Secretariat and thus he should have privileged access to the same Secretary without having to do the rounds, like us mortals, to be granted audience.

It’s not even a case of the proposed MEPA changes not falling within the Environment Ministry’s remit since Leo Brincat was, rightly so, very vocal and visible prior to March 2013, in his constant criticism of the Authority. Hence, one might ask, where has his sacrosanct fervor strayed now?

He claims that his hands are full with disentangling the waste management mess but, here again, as Leo Brincat will concede, the environment is not about waste management only and if the Environment Ministry does not take up the cudgels of the environment by speaking out against the proposed incursion in ODZ areas, who will??