Restored in Partnership

06 Oct

Isopu Tower (it-Torri ta’ Isopu), Nadur, Gozo

San Blas Tower, also known as ‘it-Torri ta’ Isopu’, is situated on the cliff between San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot. It was built in 1667 during the reign of Grandmaster Nicholas Cottoner at the expense of the Universita of Gozo. The guns of this Tower opened fire on the French fleet in June 1798, a distinction which no other Tower...

06 Oct

Our Lady of Victory Church, Valletta

This was the first church built in Valletta. It was built on the spot where a religious ceremony was held to inaugurate the laying of the foundation stone of the new city on 28th March 1566, and commemorates the victory over the Turks during the so-called ‘Great Siege’ of 1565. Grand Master La Valette was originally buried here, and his remains...

06 Oct

The Manoel Theatre, Valletta

The Manoel Theatre, an architectural jewel built by Grand Master Antonio de Vilhena in 1731, is one of the oldest theatres in Europe. Din l-Art Helwa is a partner in the restoration being carried out on various parts of the theatre, including the restoration of the paintings on the front of the theatre boxes. ...