DLH Press Release 3rd May 2009

Din l-Art Helwa recognises the need for the construction of new yacht marinas within existing harbours, since the demand for berthing facilities exceeds supply and this demand is projected to increase over the coming years.

However Din l-Art Helwa does not find it acceptable for the Malta Maritime Authority to propose the construction of seasonal yachting facilities in the close vicinity of swimming areas such as St Julian’s bay, Veccja in St Paul’s Bay, and Marsascala bay. This is likely to render these popular areas unsuitable for swimming due to the degradation of water quality.

Din l-Art Helwa is also against the Malta Maritime Authority’s proposal to construct new yachting facilities along stretches of undeveloped coastline, such as at Qalet Marku bay in Bahar ic-Caghaq, as this is likely to lead to the urbanisation of the natural coast through the gradual construction of land-based facilities to service the marinas.