Press Release 29 May 2009 – Din l-Art Helwa and Nature Trust (Malta)

Din l-Art Helwa and Nature Trust (Malta) note with dismay that the Malta Planning and Environment Authority has yet again failed in its commitment to the environment by issuing a permit to hold an outdoor party at Mistra – a designated buffer zone to a Natura site.

This same site was subject to a major controversy before the last elections where the permit was withdrawn for an open air disco on the same site. By issuing the permit, is Mepa opening the way for more events to be held in this sensitive and ecologically important area ?

It also confirms the need for urgent reform whereby the Authority must stand up to its commitment to protect what little remains of Malta’s natural and historical environment.

This sad affair is compounded by the fact that the event is being organized by a candidate of a political party supposedly committed to the reform of Mepa .