Times of Malta, 3rd October 2008 –

Part of a wall in one of the apses of Tarxien Temples collapsed during heavy rain in the early hours of Wednesday, Heritage Malta said yesterday.

The area affected is a dry-stone wall built under the direction of Sir Themistocles Zammit during the second decade of the 20th century to help define and preserve the form of the prehistoric structure. About 10 of the dry-stone blocks forming the southwest apse of the south temple came loose.

Some blocks in the outer dry-stone wall of the same area were also dislodged.

Heritage Malta said it has reported the collapse to the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and will be preparing and submitting method statements for the conservation of the affected area.

The scientific committee for the conservation of the megalithic temples has recommended that a shelter be installed over the temples to help protect them from the elements.