The proposed Sliema and Mriehel skyscrapers profit the few to the detriment of everyone else.

Instead of defending the common good for Malta’s long-term future, the government is encouraging speculators to permanently destroy the landscape.

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The restructured Planning Authority has just approved two controversial skyscraper proposals. One is in Sliema (Town Square) by Townsquare Sliema Limited, owned by the Gasan family. The other is in Mriehel (Mriehel Towers) by TumasGasan Holdings Limited, owned by the Gasan and Tumas Groups.

These massive structures will have a devastating effect on our landscape and on the daily lives of many people. They will change the face of Malta forever. Din l-Art Helwa intends to challenge these decisions through the process of an appeal and other legal steps. We need your help to do this.

The Planning Authority has disregarded legal procedures and is ignoring the concerns of the public. This is unacceptable, especially for such massive projects with huge and permanent damage to us all.

The Town Square skyscraper in Sliema will be a giant 38 storeys, sandwiched between existing homes and shops. People who visit, work or live in the area will face terrible traffic and parking problems. Neighbours will be deprived of sunlight. This over-sized project is driven by greed to maximize profits for the developers. Its promoters also blatantly ignore the difficulties and inconvenience the project will cause for the entire Sliema community.

The infrastructure of these areas cannot handle the additional burden. Roads, sewerage and other services will all need to be upgraded, at great cost. The profits will go to the developers while the government will apparently generously donate taxpayers’ money to pay for all the extra costs related to the required upgrading or redevelopment of the roads, sewerage, water and electricity systems.

This high-rise development will also negatively affect the value of everyone else’s property.

Before allowing any high-rise projects to continue, the government should present a holistic Master Plan. It should listen to the whole community and not just the demands of developers.

Din l-Art Helwa is working with others to stop this destruction of our landscape and we need your support. We are seeking to raise at least €8,000 to cover costs related to the appeal process and other legal steps to challenge the decisions that are to alter Malta forever. We appeal to you to contribute whatever you can to this campaign. All expenses will be accounted for.


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