Ghadira Road

29 Sep 2011

No studies available to back Ghadira road project

Times of Malta, 27th November 2008, by Cynthia Busuttil The government’s plans to build a new road in Għadira to stop the sandy beach’s erosion were not backed by any studies, Transport Minister Austin Gatt admitted yesterday. The beach had receded after...

29 Sep 2011

Objection to proposed Ghadira road

Sunday Times of Malta, 23 November 2008, by Herman Grech A proposal to build a new road in Ghadira would cut right through environmentally sensitive sites and threaten the viability of a major tourist complex, according to those opposing the project. Sections...

29 Sep 2011

Let’s get Ghadira right

Sunday Times of Malta, 30 November 2008 – Roamer’s Column I intended to start this week’s piece with remarks about how I enjoyed a concert I attended at St John’s co-Cathedral last Monday. Unfortunately, I was unable to put the thing...