Din l-Art Helwa Press Release – 28 November 2008

The Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications has stated that it intends to build a new road at Ghadira Bay in order to prevent further erosion of the natural beach. It has been reported in the media that Minister Austin Gatt has admitted that this plan to stop beach erosion is not supported by studies. This is incomprehensible when the main reason put forward by the Minister for the construction of the new road is the conservation and replenishment of the beach, said Din l-Art Helwa.

The Minister has stated that he intends to apply for TEN-T funds for this project by January, and that he is still open to all options – Din l-Art Helwa asks whether he is being serious in inviting the public to submit further options on such a complex decision only one month before the proposal must be submitted for these funds?

Din l-Art Helwa requests the Minister to make all existing studies on beach erosion and replenishment at Ghadira available for public viewing without delay.