‘Din l-Art Ħelwa – Help save our natural and cultural heritage’, will be presented by Martin Galea, Council Member and former President of Din l-Art Ħelwa, National Trust of Malta at 18.30hrs on 23rd September 2021.

The climate is changing and the evidence is all around us for those who want to see it. This summer has seen floods and fires, the like of which have not been seen for millennia. The United Nations have recently published a report on climate change, describing the situation as a climate emergency: a code red for humanity. More pollution, plundering of resources and habitat loss affect biodiversity. The earth as we know is changing.

What are we to do about it on an individual level? This talk will showcase how Din l-Art Ħelwa works to safeguard Malta’s cultural heritage and the natural environment, including hands-on conservation and restoration. It will show how everyone can get involved to protect our surroundings for future generations, even here in Malta.

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