Din L-Art Ħelwa Regions

Din l-Art Ħelwa Mellieħa

Din l-Art Helwa Mellieha (previously named ‘For A Better Environment Mellieha’) is a sub group of the NGO Din l-Art Helwa focusing mainly on the region of Mellieha. This group regularly organises clean ups around the Mellieha country side, country roads, coastline and beaches. We work in collaboration with the Mellieha Local Council, Clean Malta, other government entities and private companies to achieve our goal of having the Mellieha open spaces as litter free as possible. The group aims to raise awareness of the negative effect of litter on the environment and to respect the Green Countryside Code.

Din l-Art Ħelwa Għawdex

Din l-Art Ħelwa Għawdex (DLĦGħ) is the name of a new branch the national trust launched at the renowned Rabat Cittadella on 5 June 2021, with a mission to safeguard Gozo’s unique cultural and architectural heritage. The founding members of DLĦGħ are a group of Gozitans together with other residents who chose to set up home in Gozo, part of a growing significant grass roots movement of people perturbed with the avalanche of construction projects and extreme over-development destroying the centuries-old charm, authenticity and attraction of Gozo’s villages and countryside, to the detriment of this and future generations.