The area in the North West of Malta, which includes the coastal cliffs known as Rdum Majjiesa and Rdum id-Delli, as well as site at Xagħra l-Ħamra, was declared a National Park by the Government of Malta by Legal Notice in September 2007. The Park has taken the name of the region, the Northwest, or Majjistral in the Maltese language.

The Park is managed by a Federation made up of three NGOs – Din l-Art Helwa, Nature Trust (Malta) and the Gaia Foundation. The management is overseen by a management board composed of three representatives from the NGOs, three representatives from the public sector, and a chairperson.

The Park incorporates part of the protected coastal cliffs of the North West of Malta, which now form part of the list of Natura 2000 sites of international importance. Natura 2000 is a network of sites forming an essential part of the European natural heritage, falling under the Habitats’ Directive. The directive calls for the effective management of such sites through the adoption and implementation of management plans.

The Majjistral Park also contains a number of historical and archaeological sites that have been identified in one of a series of studies commissioned by the Malta Tourism Authority. Farming, as well as outdoor activities such as horse riding and walking feature in the park, which also boasts a beautiful sandy beach, appropriately called Golden Sands.

Our vision for the Majjistral is to create a template for the integrated management of the various features of the park that would at once safeguard its natural, cultural and rural heritage while augmenting and enriching the visitor experience for locals as well as visitors to our islands.

For further information please visit the Park’s website