Kindly Sponsored by Malta International Airport plc 

Thirty years after the first intervention, the much needed restoration of the fresco depicting the Last Judgement, on the internal westernwall, has been completed. This work was generously sponsored by M.I.A. p.l.c., who have been involved with the restoration of the church ofBir Miftuh since 1992. The Italian firm Giuseppe Mantella Restauri, carried out the work beautifully, and did extensive analyses on the fresco beforeembarking on the restoration itself. A photogrammetric survey was made by Perit Hermann Bonnici, so as to record every detail and the results of the tests were mapped and compared to those taken in 2006 by Roberta Deangelis in her comprehensive condition report on the wall paintings. Consultation with Prof. JoAnn Cassar from the University of Malta at every stage ensured a multidisciplinary approach with experts in the field. The monitoring of the temperature and relative humidity in the church, is also being carried out by Prof. Cassar and Ms. Deangelis.