Wardens will be appointed to administer these Properties. Terms of Reference are as follows:


  •  To ensure the custodianship, care, security, management, public access and maintenance of the property are effected to the highest standards possible.
  • To propose suitable visitor facilities and public information arrangements and, subsequently, to implement them as directed within the resources allocated.
  • To maximise the financial benefit to Din L-Art Helwa through their use for the purposed set out in the Deed of Guardianship.
  • To manage the Volunteers or other human resources allocated as effectively as possible


  • Fulfilling the objectives set out within the resources allocated by the Council.
  • Conducting regular visits to the Property to ensure its state and security.
  • Ensuring the regular opening of the Property at the times and on the dates agreed
  • Maximising the funds raised through entry fees, donations and sale of DLH products
  • Organising a roster of Volunteers to help with the achievement of the objectives set out above, and specifically with the manning of the Property during opening hours
  • Reporting any maintenance or security tasks which need to be undertaken to the Council Member responsible for Properties.
  • Overseeing the ticket accounting system and a suitable income and expenditure account
  • Ensuring that all visitors come away with the best impression of Din l-Art Helwa as the leading Heritage organisation in Malta
  • Reporting by the 7th of each month to the Secretary General on the events, activities, income and expenditure of the previous month.