The St Agatha  tower, (The Red Tower) built to keep people away by the Order of the Knights of St John, now attracts so many that it has been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence.

Never would Grand Master Lascaris, who took so many precautions not to let people land on ‘his’ island, have imagined that the tower he dedicated to St Agatha would become the great attraction for thousands who visit our island.

The St Agatha Tower was built between 1647 and 1648 to protect the straits between Malta, Comino and Gozo from enemy incursions. It was dedicated to the 2nd Century martyr saint as she was a symbol of strength.  Today it stands as an icon of the cultural and historic value that our islands enjoy in the eyes of visiting tourists.

These have consistently reported positive reviews on Trip Advisor, to the extent that the Tower has been presented with this prestigious award.  This is an honour for those hard-working volunteers who year in year out tend to the tower and welcome guests.  Din l-Art Helwa restored the tower in 1998 and holds it in guardianship from the state.  The voluntary NGO is dependant on funds collected from its visitors, members, sponsors and benefactors and is this year celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Become a Din l-Art Helwa member and join the proud defenders of our heritage!  www.dinlarthelwa.org