At the next cultural lecture organised monthly by Din l-Art Helwa, architect Edward Said will be discussing the highly topical subject of Subterranean Valletta, currently a most relevant issue in view of the discoveries now taking place below Piazza San Giorgio, Palace Square.


With the assistance of various entities, particularly the Valletta Rehabilitation Committee, architect Edward Said has made Subterranean Valletta one of his fields of study, his university thesis publication giving a historical and descriptive analysis of his research and findings.

The presentation will aim at illustrating the subterranean dimension of our capital and world heritage city of Valletta, exploring it chronologically, and will take the audience through an underground journey starting from the time when Mount Sceberras was virgin land right up to the rediscovery of tunnels earlier last week.


Edward Said’s research has aimed at interpreting all available documentation from as many sources as possible in order to identify what actually lies beneath the streets and squares of the city, rather than give just an inventory of the different underground spaces which are believed to be a highly elaborate network of passageways, tunnels and catchment areas all with their own separate function as was necessary for a city that was planned meticulously from its onset. Architect Edward Said, B.E. & A.(Hons), A. & C.E. graduated as an architect and civil engineer in 2005 and is currently reading a post-graduate diploma in restoration also at the University of Malta. He sits on the board of trustees of Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna. The lecture will take place on Thursday March 12th at the Judge Caruana Curran Hall at 133 Melita Street, offices of Din l-Art Helwa, and will commence at 6 p.m. Those wishing to attend are invited to be seated by 5.45 p.m.