Din l-Art Helwa comments to MEPA on the proposed objectives for a Policy on Solar Farms

10 October 2013

Din l-Art Helwa contends that no development should be allowed in ODZ areas if it can be accommodated within the development zones.  The roofs of existing as well as new buildings are still very under-utilized as available and suitable space for solar panels. This option should first be fully maximized, and the policy should not consider the development of solar farms on new ODZ land.

Solar panels could also be installed on the roofs of buildings in ODZ areas, but no new ODZ land should be taken up for this purpose.

The current rules for maximum structure height above a roof should be enforced to avoid unsightly installations. Systems that protrude above the roof height should be prohibited in areas of high landscape value and in areas of cultural heritage importance. In these cases other solutions exist – for example the installation of low angle or flexible systems which would not be visible from outside the building.

Besides rooftops, solar farms could also be considered in other locations within the development zones or in industrial areas.

The success or failure of this scheme is heavily dependent on the feed-in tariff paid by Government.