29 July 2013

Thank you for your interest in the Anti Spring Hunting campaign.

Din l-Art Helwa is one of twelve organizations that will be working towards the abolition of hunting in the spring, the time when birds of passage, namely quail and turtledove, are returning to Europe to reproduce.  These two species are on the European Conservation List and are therefore listed as requiring protection, a fact that was misrepresented by the Maltese Government to the European Court of Justice.  The legal notices which allow spring hunting require abrogation through a referendum and through campaigning in other ways and at all levels both in Malta and in Europe.

Hunting in general is a practice that does this island no honour and especially during the Spring when birds are at their most vulnerable.   It is outdated, antisocial, prevents the enjoyment of our countryside when it is at its best, and works against our economy as it is a deterrent for the quality and nature loving tourist.  Furthermore other protected species are killed in the process.

The Coalition aims to get the 35,000 signatures required for a referendum to be called.

This is what you need to know if you wish to take part.

  1. The petition document is available from  the offices of Din l-Art Helwa at 133 Melita St., Valletta from Monday to Friday between 0830 and 1230 or from Birdlife Malta at 57/28 Triq Abate Rigord, Taxbiex (opposite Atlas Insurance).
  2. The petition calls for the abrogation of the legal notice which allows the framework for spring hunting to exist. If this legal notice is abrogated through a referendum, spring hunting will no longer be possible.
  3. Petitions cannot be signed virally. The Petition form has to be signed physically with details of a valid ID.
  4. Any garbled or erroneous signatures will slow up the vetting process and distort the numbers collected. Please write your names and ID numbers clearly.
  5. Petitions can only be signed by persons who are on the electoral register and can vote at national elections for the House of Representatives (not local elections).
  6. The name to be written down on the petition form is that which appears on the identity card. If someone is called Charles but the name Carmel is listed on the ID card,  then Carmel is the name that must be written. If however on the ID card he is listed as “Carmel known as Charles”, than either name may be written down.
  7. The address to be written down is that listed on the ID card. If for example a person resides in Sliema but his/her ID card lists his/her address as being in Xlendi Gozo, then the Xlendi Gozo address must be listed.
  8. If you are a non Maltese resident not registered to vote in a general election, but who wish to assist with the campaign, you can use the form to collect signatures from your local contacts and friends who are on the electoral register.
  9. The petition calls for you to write down the number of your electoral district.  If you do not know the number, leave this space blank as the organizing committee will find the correct one.  Any errors will slow down the process at vetting stage.
  10. All signed petitions will be kept confidential.
  11. To deliver signed petitions:

–         Either deliver these personally to the DLH office at 133 Melita St., Valletta

–         Or by post to Simone Mizzi,  SAK Ltd,  Triq Dun Karm, Birkirkara, BKR 9037