Din l-Art Helwa opens its autumn cycle of cultural presentations with a talk that focuses on Selmun and its historic features.  




This highly illustrated lecture is to be presented by eminent historians and authors, Professor Anthony Bonanno, B.A.(Hons) (Melit), D. Lett. (Palermo), Ph.D. (London), FSA.,  and Judge Joe Galea Debono, B.A (Hons)., LL.D.  This will take place at 1830 hours at 133 Melita St., Valletta on Thursday 10 October.  

Both Judge Galea Debono and Professor Bonanno are Council Members of Din l-Art Helwa and Professor Bonanno is former Executive President of the organization. 

Admission is free of charge but donations to Din l-Art Helwa will assist the organization in its restoration projects.