Dear Friends and members,
You will have heard by now that we have obtained a permit to stage the Environment Protest March next Saturday 7th December 1030 at the same time, also starting at City Gate with a better route as we have been allowed to walk down to the Law Courts.
 I know setting off on an initiative the second time around is a rather damp alternative, but we are committed to this protest and we have everything rearing to go with many of you on standby. The rally materials are all ready and waiting at our HQ at 133 Melita St and I would ask those of you intending to help us carry them up to be there by 0945 with a couple of carrier bags to carry the Tniggis u Sahha booklets.
Those wishing to spare themselves the climb can meet up with us near the mqaret kiosk at City Gate by around 10.20.
In case of bad weather we will issue bulletin by 7 am. And check with our website or Facebook first.
Don’t believe any news items saying the march is cancelled on other media because it may be a nefarious attempt at sabotage!
After yesterday’s clear message from the Parliamentary Secretary that indicates clearly which side he is on, this march is even more important.  Malta has everything more to lose.  We must walk.
Please tell your friends and families again and put notes out on Facebook and on the various databases you have access to.
I am truly very proud to have been given this moment to share with you.
With regards,
Simone Mizzi