Din l-Art Helwa Press Release – 23 May 2013

Din l-Art Helwa refers to recent statements made in the press about the potential relocation of the Valletta market to Ordinance Street, close to City Gate and its potential spill over across the new Parliament building up to Victory Square.

This idea lacks vision for the area and may be the result of a hurried decision taken without sufficient reflection on the devaluation it is going to bring to the investment made to upgrade City Gate. It is ironic that while the Government plans to relocate and tidy up the unsightly kiosks and stalls just outside the entrance to Valletta, on the other hand it may now be proposing to place market stalls just within the city walls thus restoring dignity to one side and taking it away from the other.

Din l-Art Helwa disagrees with this proposal to relocate the Valletta street market to the newly regenerated City Gate area. While acknowledging that the current market site at Merchants Street may have its drawbacks and that other solutions may be considered, the entrance to Valletta is wholly unsuitable for this open-air market.