Din l-Art Helwa Press Release – 2nd August 2008

Din l-Art Helwa recognises that the existing exhibition spaces at St John’s Co-Cathedral Museum are in need of refurbishment. Furthermore, the spaces are not large enough to exhibit the unique historic Tapestries which are undergoing restoration, as well as many other artefacts which cannot be displayed in the existing spaces.

In principle Din l-Art Helwa is therefore in favour of the search for solutions to increase the exhibition spaces of the Museum. The Maltese public, as well as visitors, stand to benefit from the display of a larger number of artefacts, especially considering the exceptional quality and historic importance of these objects.

It is imperative that the collection of original artefacts of St John’s is kept together and not dispersed in other museums or locations. The collection is unique and should be kept together in its entirety. This also supports the St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation’s attempt to find ways to enlarge the existing exhibition spaces at St John’s.

After viewing the two alternative outline proposals being presented by the Foundation, Din l-Art Helwa is of the opinion that, with appropriate safeguards and careful attention to any structural or archaeological issues, the proposal to extend the Museum by excavating part of St John’s Square has merit and deserves further study.