Press Release

30 August 2013

Din l-Art Helwa welcomes the request made to the government by the Commissioner for Environment and Planning, to assess the use of marine and coastal areas in a holistic manner in the revision of the Local Plans.

Din l-Art Helwa points out that the Environment Policy of 2012 requires the preparation of a Maritime Spatial Plan which will provide an integrated framework for future developments in Malta’s marine waters.

In its submissions for the revision of local plans sent to MEPA this August, Din l-Art Helwa maintained that measures from the Environment Policy of 2012 should be included and implemented and these include marine spatial planning. Din l-Art Helwa calls on the government to confirm that this will be carried out.

The Environment Policy also states that spatial planning is to be used as a tool to ensure the protection of coastal areas from inappropriate development, and that coastal areas are to be managed “on the basis of integrated coastal management”.