27 September 2013

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Din l-Art Helwa has launched three regular blogs on its website, to stimulate general discussion and awareness on issues related to the environment and our cultural heritage.

The blogs are authored by Alan Deidun, Conrad Thake and Petra Caruana Dingli.

Alan Deidun is a marine biologist and committed environmentalist. His blog is sure to be an outspoken take on the environmental sphere in the MalteseIslands, both above and below the waves.

Conrad Thake is an architect, urban planner and architectural historian. His blog will discuss issues related to Maltese architecture and the state of our built environment.

Petra Caruana Dingli has a long-standing interest in cultural heritage and the environment, and has experience in the field in both the non-governmental and public sectors. Her blog will follow events and news on our rural and urban environment.

Follow the blogs on www.dinlarthelwa.org