The Mriehel Industrial Area as a zone for high-rise buildings was included in the government’s high-rise policy by stealth, after the public consultation period had ended. This zone was never included in the draft policy in 2014, and was only added afterwards for approval by the Minister.

The environmental NGOs Din l-Art Helwa, Flimkien ghall-Ambjent Ahjar and Friends of the Earth request the Prime Minister to publicly explain the steps that led to Mriehel being included in the high-rise policy, and why this decision was taken behind closed doors and never issued for public consultation.

The Planning Authority is obliged by its own law, as well as by the Aarhus Convention, to consult the public on the substance of any new planning policy. This requirement was blatantly ignored in the case of Mriehel, where the Tumas and Gasan Groups are now planning to build four massive towers.

Environmental NGOs have been making this point to the Planning Authority for two years, yet still the Authority has processed this application for these immense towers at Mriehel, while the Master Plan for the area has not yet been finalised. No decision should be taken before the Master Plan and all other necessary studies are completed.