DLH Press Release 3rd November 2010

Din l-Art Helwa is disappointed at the lack of sensitivity to environmental issues displayed by the chairman of the new Malta Developers’ Association in an interview this week.

Mr Michael Falzon described the Malta Environment and Planning Authority’s work as “collecting lizards”. This points towards an utter lack of sensitivity towards the state of the environment in this country. Just as Mr Falzon criticized the stereotyping of developers as “the bad guys”, we recommend that he should not negatively stereotype efforts to protect our natural environment.

It is a fact that Malta’s biodiversity is under threat, and that two of the main causes for this are land development and over-exploitation. Din l-Art Helwa urges Mepa to prioritise and step up its efforts to promote, monitor and conserve our biodiversity and its natural habitats. Most of the designated nature sites are still not being managed adequately.

Din l-Art Helwa hopes that in future Mr Falzon will promote concepts of sustainable development, and publicly recognize the importance of protecting biodiversity in the Maltese Islands.