DLH Press Release 13 June 2009

Din l-Art Helwa deplores the fact that the list of unacceptable planning applications and decisions continues to grow every day, and yet the government is still lagging behind with its promise to reform the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

Public outcry on the state of the environment features daily in the media, channelled through recent issues such as a new development in Bahrija, a high rise complex at Mistra Village, a permit for a large event in a Natura 2000 site in Mistra, an apartment block in a villa area in Balzan, and countless others. These are examples of the inconsistent planning decisions and frequent ignoring of good practice that have damaged our islands for so many years.

Last year the Prime Minister pledged to take this issue in hand and to introduce reforms that will ensure that Mepa lives up to its mission to protect the urban and natural environment, while allowing for sustainable development.

Din l-Art Helwa insists that the government must take this situation in hand and implement the necessary reform of Mepa without delay, and clearly show its commitment to controlling the relentless over-development of our islands that is taking place. Until the reform is implemented, Mepa must ensure that all its decisions favour the protection of the environment.