Din l-Art Helwa press release 4th December 2008

Din l-Art Helwa welcomes the fact that the entrance to Valletta and the Opera House site are finally being given attention. The government has again approached Renzo Piano, an architect of international repute and one of the leading architects of our time. We understand that he will be presenting new ideas for this project, and we await the designs with interest.

Din l-Art Helwa believes that any designs put forward should be in consonance with their surroundings and take due account of the size, scale and idiom of Valletta as a historic city whose roots lie in the baroque. This does not preclude a contemporary architectural style that is harmonious with the existing urban fabric. The project should conform with the Venice Charter, which is not restrictive but sets the concept of sensitivity to the old whilst allowing the new.

Any development in such a sensitive area is bound to arouse passionate debate and differing opinions, but it is time to take a decision and move forward.