Din l-Art Helwa strongly condemns any illegal development at San Blas bay in Gozo. It is ironic that while MEPA’s enforcement directorate was recently applauded for issuing enforcement notices on similar developments at Golden Sands and Paradise Bay, no such action was taken on this illegal and unacceptable land clearing activity of a scheduled ecological site despite, according to yesterday’s report in the Malta Independent on Sunday, MEPA having already been aware of it.

Din l-Art Helwa asks that MEPA takes urgent corrective measures to protect one of the few pristine beach areas left in our islands. San Blas should also not be leased out for private parties which exclude its use by the public, and leaving behind an unsightly mess as has happened on various occasions.

Furthermore, it should be self-evident that the chief executive officer of a regulating authority and officials should not have financial interests in the sector which they are involved in regulating.  From yesterday’s report, it appears that MEPA’s CEO has been directly involved in extensive property development.  Din l-Art Helwa calls on the MEPA chairman to confirm to the public whether this is the case or not, as any uncertainty on this matter will only serve to further erode public trust in the Planning Authority