Din l-Art Helwa

Press Release 14 January 2011

Din l-Art Helwa urges the government not to take any decisions on the future of the basement space under Casa Lanfreducci in Valletta until the necessary studies about its historical uses have been carried out, and the conclusions have been made public by the heritage authorities.

If it is shown that this basement area was once used as a burial space, then the area must be treated with due respect.

Din l-Art Helwa is in favour of the sensitive conversion of historic buildings. All aspects of the building, including historical uses of the space, should be taken into consideration.

Din l-Art Helwa was involved in two restoration projects at Our Lady of Victory church in the past, and has drawn up plans to assist with the ongoing restoration of the ceiling paintings as well as other aspects of the church in the near future. The crypt under the church is to be included in the restoration project.