Press Release 

This morning Din l-Art Helwa filed an appeal to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal, on the controversial permit for the high-rise project ‘Mriehel Towers’ proposed by TumasGasan Holdings at Mriehel. This permit was granted by the Planning Authority on 4th August 2016.

With high-rise at Mriehel, the historic skyline from Mdina to Valletta will be ruined forever. Allowing this skyscraper to be built will create a precedent for more high-rise buildings in this area.

It is shameful that the Planning Authority made no attempt to do its job properly – it did not ensure the presentation of correct visual images for this project, nor for the overall impact of a cluster of high-rise buildings in this location.

The government slipped Mriehel into its high-rise policy document by stealth, without consulting the public as required by law. The public was denied its right to participate in the decision.

Din l-Art Helwa’s appeal is supported by Nature Trust Malta and the Malta Archaeological Society.

The organisation is being assisted on this case by lawyers Dr Cedric Mifsud, Dr Malcolm Mifsud and Dr Catherine Mifsud.

5th October 2016