Press Release – 8 June 2013

Din l-Art Helwa is concerned about the renewed approval by the planning authority of a large high-rise development in Gzira, in the absence of an adequate and up-to-date policy on high-rise development in Malta.    The organisation states that such major planning decisions with long-term impact on the urban environment should be underpinned by a clear vision and strategy and not be approved piecemeal.

It has been stated that this new high-rise complex in Gzira, which will include Malta’s tallest building of 33 floors, will also regenerate the surrounding area. Yet it is not clear, states Din l-Art Helwa, what improvements in the existing urban fabric are expected beyond the boundaries of this development.  On the other hand, the construction of such a large-scale project may aggravate traffic problems on the heavily congested road network in this area.