Press Release 11 October 2008

Nature Trust (Malta) and Din L-Art Helwa welcome MEPA’s decisions to extend habitat protection to the whole of Ta’ Cenc and including the whole plateau, and also declare Wied Moqbol and Benghajsa Point as protected areas within the Natura 2000 Network.

Thanks to their enjoying a Natura 2000 status, these sites are now included within a network of protected areas across the European Union.Ta Cenc, Wied Moqbol and Benghajsa sites are very important coastal habitats, hosting communities of sea birds protected by the EU Birds Directive.

Furthermore, the Ta Cenc Plateau is very rich in biodiversity on account of the large variety of flora found in the area of the site, as well as in archaeological treasures. All these factors give ta’Cenc all the credentials for becoming a Natura 2000 siteBoth

Din L-Art Helwa and Nature Trust (Malta) have been for years trying to get these sites – especially Ta Cenc – fully protected. A case had also been filed with the European Commission for the inclusion of Ta Cenc plateau within the Natura 2000 network.

The NGos thank the authorities for acting responsibly and are now looking forward to effective legal enforcement for all the above-mentioned sites.