DLH Press Release 11 August 2009

With reference to the report in the Times today ‘Concerns on heritage status of Valletta’, Din l-Art Helwa points out that it had objected to the high rise building in the Tigne project when it was first proposed, as it would detract from the Valletta skyline. This is yet another example of the over-development which has been going on with the blessing of the government and Mepa, ignoring the impact on our natural and built heritage.

It would be a terrible blow if Valletta lost its world heritage status, and it would be a black mark of gross irresponsibility against both government and Mepa if this were to happen.

Din l-Art Helwa has repeatedly stated that no permits should be granted for tall buildings until a national policy has been drawn up for the construction of tall buildings in Malta. All applications for tall buildings should be suspended until a high rise policy has been formulated.

Din l-Art Helwa reiterates its call on Mepa to exercise the highest level of prudence when considering planning applications within the buffer zones of historical and archaeological sites of international importance in Malta and Gozo, as well as in all areas of high landscape importance.