Press Release 17th January 2017
Photomontages commissioned by Din l-Art Helwa, based on professional 3D studies, show that the 38-storey Townsquare skyscraper proposed to be built at Qui-si-Sana will even be seen from Birgu. It will destroy the historic skyline of Valletta from the other side of the harbour. Clearly this is no longer just a Sliema issue, but has become a Valletta issue. And it is also a national issue.
The skyscrapers proposed for Mriehel, smack in the middle of Malta, will be visible from everywhere. Viewed from Mdina, these office blocks protude and clash with their surroundings.
Many mistakes have been made over the years, with Malta’s beauty sacrificed for immediate gain. Yet we are allowing the same mistakes to happen again and again. Today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s landscapes. And we are ruining them once and for all.
The skyscrapers being proposed for Qui-si-Sana and Mriehel serve no public interest but are speculative developments which destroy the landscape. Despite this, the Planning Authority granted permits for these two projects in August 2016.
Din l-Art Helwa has filed appeals against these permits at the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal. The final decision is still pending. The next hearing will be held this Thursday 19th January at 1.30 pm.