Il-Majjistral Nature & History Park

On 12th May 2007, the government announced its plans to establish a Nature and History Park in the North-West of Malta. This Park will be the first of its kind in Malta, and is to be managed by Din l-Art Helwa together with Nature Trust, signed a Letter of Intent with the government, and the Gaia Foundation.

A Management Plan for the Park is being drawn up, and should be finalised within 3 months. The Park will cover 2.6 square kilometres of land (5 times the size of Valletta), and extends from Golden Bay to Anchor Bay. It includes the area known as Xaghra l-Hamra, which was previously earmarked for a golf course, which Din l-Art Helwa had strongly opposed.

Martin Galea, Executive President of Din l-Art Helwa, said “This is a great step forward in protecting our natural heritage. It will ensure that the natural, historical and man-made monuments and vernacular heritage in this area are studied, protected from vandalism and creeping encroachment from development, and protected for all of us and for future generations. This is an area of beautiful countryside and breathtaking views, and contains rare and important flora and fauna which has long deserved such an initiative.”