Moviment Ħarsien Ħondoq together with Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, Ramblers Association, NatureTrust, FOE Malta and Din l-Art Helwa are urging Mepa to revise the Local plan back to what it was before the 2006 local plans and refuse permit for the development of Hondoq. 


 Photo of Hondoq in 1952


Dear Hondoq supporter,

Part of Mepa’s ongoing public participation exercise is to identify any shortcomings that exist in the current local plans. MHH would like to take this opportunity to highlight the significant changes that were made in 2006  to the Gozo & Comino Local Plan, which altered the policy regarding Hondoq from one of rehabilitaion to one in favour of development. Mepa’s Audit Office admitted these ‘substantial changes’ should not have been made without public consultation.

The general public now have a chance to voice their dissatisfaction with these changes, and which have resulted in a prolonged battle between the developers who wish to destroy Hondoq, and those who wish to save it.

Please add your voice to those involved in redrafting the local planning policies, and sign the following petition. It again asks for Mepa to refuse a permit for the development of Hondoq as per their Environment Protection Directorate’s recommendation (a final decision has still not been made); that the policy be changed back to one of rehabilitation, as was agreed upon between Mepa and the Qala Local Council in 2002; and that Hondoq be turned into a National Park so that everyone can continue to enjoy this area for generations to come.


Also please pass this e-mail to all on your contact lists.

Our aim is for Hondoq to remain for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for your support.

Moviment Harsien Hondoq