The United Nations has this month issued a Code Red relating to the climate emergency. The United Nations General Secretary said there was no time to lose and all nations to act decisively now if an environmental catastrophe is to be averted.

We do not need more evidence that climate change is already with us with fires, heatwaves and flooding occurring throughout the globe at unprecedented levels.  Din l-Art Helwa, as an environmental NGO, feels it is its duty to take up the challenge and fight for action at a local level and link up with national and international organizations to effectively do this.

To this end, said the organisation, it is building up its internal capacity and is calling for students, specialists, scientists as well as interested individuals to form part of a core group to take this forward.  This group will formulate and implement a strategy to lobby for change with Government, the business community and all citizens on a national level. They will be able to tap into the international organizations which DLH forms part and work with other NGOs on a local level.

President of Din l-Art Helwa, Alex Torpiano stated: ‘Din l-Art Helwa is a national NGO which already successfully restores and maintains historical properties, manages nature areas, campaigns for better planning policies and land use, as well as for the conservation of our natural and historical patrimony. It now feels it its duty to take the issues of climate change, pollution and biodiversity as one of its core missions.   We appeal for volunteers to join us in this.’

Those who wish to know more about this core group dedicated to this specific aim are urged to contact us by sending an email to admin@dinlarthelwa.org.  Be a part of the solution – join us now.