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The Hon Dr Joseph Muscat,

Prime Minister


2nd January 2015


Dear Prime Minister,


On behalf of Din l-Art Ħelwa may I say how pleased we were to listen to your New Year’s Message to the nation and to learn that the need for dialogue with environmentalists has been one of the key learnings from 2014 for the government.    We are keen to pick up on this need for dialogue as it is indicative of the necessity to develop mutual understanding of the vast amount of issues that are fundamental to the protection of our built and natural heritage. Both these aspects of our national patrimony, in our opinion, make up our environment and safeguarding them is key to the retention of our national identity, to the quality of life of us Maltese and of those who visit our shores, not to speak as well of all those generations who will follow who are entitled to the same enjoyment.  Moreover, they are fundamental to economic progress through the development of quality tourism as is the vision recently expressed by government.


We would wish to explore the thoughts you have made public in your New Year’s message in a positive and constructive vein.  We hope, as a government that listens, that you will hear our concerns not just as environmentalists but because we represent those who genuinely have the long term best wishes for this country at heart.  These are not a minority, but the majority, who aspire to a leader who is willing to work for the greater common good and not just in the interests of the few. This requires an open fearless mind and a heart that has a genuine love for this country, both of which we believe you to have.  The invitation to dialogue is a very good start to this year and we hope you will make this happen.


May we wish you, Mrs Muscat and your beautiful children the very best wishes for a happy 2015 and especially because of them, we thank you for placing the environment in the public mind in your New Year’s address.  With your help and with all of us at Din l-Art Ħelwa, and others like us, let us do our best to keep it there.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,

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Simone Mizzi

Din l-Art Ħelwa