The Malta Independent, 9th September 2008 –
Alternattiva Demokratika yesterday said they have been contacted by a number of people who say they cannot install solar water heaters because they have no access to the roof of the building where they live.

Ralph Cassar, AD spokesperson on Energy, Industry and Transport said: “A number of people are contacting AD officials saying that they are not able to install solar water heaters or are forced to use energy intensive appliances like clothes driers because they do not have access to the roof of the block of apartments in which they live.”

He continued: “With all the talk of the importance of conserving energy and of encouraging people to make use of equipment which helps them reduce their energy bills we call on the competent authorities to make access to roofs as a sine qua non for new building permits.”

AD reiterated its proposals on wider access to cleaner forms of energy and called for incentives for photovoltaic panel installation.

Mr Cassar said: “The government should initiate a scheme in which extra energy fed to the grid, generated from clean sources of energy, is bought by Enemalta at a preferential rate. This will encourage the uptake of such systems and help reduce Malta’s reliance of foreign oil.”

AD also called on government to reintroduce subsides to help consumers buy energy-saving appliances as a response to rising energy costs and to introduce incentives for building renovations that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

AD chairman, Arnold Cassola said: “Words should be accompanied by action. Malta cannot afford to miss the boat again; incentivising technology today means a stronger economy tomorrow.”