Times of Malta, 17th June 2008

Austin Walker, former chairman of the Malta Resources Authority, yesterday officially took up the post as executive chairman of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and now faces the challenge of reforming the authority.

He takes over from former chairman Andrew Calleja who stepped down last week.

Mr Walker, an accountant and auditor by profession, was appointed by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi with a brief to increase efficiency, ensure transparency, accountability and consistency and implement better enforcement by Mepa.

Mr Walker has held various posts within the private sector over the past 35 years. He served as an accountant with Panta Lesco Ltd and chief accountant and chief executive officer with Mizzi Group where he also oversaw the restructuring of the company’s car section.

He has experience in the environmental and agricultural sector from serving as the administrative secretary of four farmers’ cooperatives in the Farmers’ Central Co-op. He was also chairman of the Cooperatives Board and the Agricultural Export Marketing Board as well as a director of Malta Shipyards Ltd.

He is married with two children.