Times of Malta, 28 July 2008

Letter from Leo Brincat MP (MLP), St Julian’s

The letter by James A Tyrrell (July 16) perfectly echoed the sentiments I expressed in Parliament the day before when singling out the government’s environmental policies in general and Mepa as startling examples of bad governance.

The main concerns I expressed were the following :

How can one take the government’s commitment in favour of Mepa reform seriously when the government appointed board members, including a member of the Prime Minister’s private secretariat, who had, in the past, voted in favour of projects of irreparable environmental damage?

How can one take the Ecological Island concept regarding Gozo seriously when bearing in mind how the environment on our sister island has been raped in recent years?

Is it an example of good governance when Qui-Si-Sana residents were promised due consideration and consultation regarding their demands by the Prime Minister during the run-up to the general election and have since been ignored?

I made it clear that, while one cannot bring the construction industry to a complete standstill, on the other hand, Malta cannot continue living as a permanent building site.

The reluctance to resort to law enforcement standards applicable in Malta and prevalent in Europe is questionable, to say the least.

Have any concrete measures been taken so far regarding the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development?

It is a matter of deep concern when the honorary secretary of the Ramblers’ Association said on July 13 that the association is disgusted at the way the government, which has the authority to govern by simply applying the existing rules of the land, not only abdicates its responsibility by turning a blind eye to the breaking of the law but goes so far as to condone it.

No wonder he concluded that there is a dearth of political will to apply the law but an abundance of political ingenuity to dodge it.

Equally worrying is the statement of July 6 by Petra Bianchi, director of Din l-Art Ħelwa, that a sickness has crept steadily through the veins of Mepa while we wait anxiously for a diagnosis and a cure.

In the absence of any concrete action in this regard, all talk of good governance will inevitably end up reduced to a lot of hot air!