The Malta Independent, 1st July 2008
The public is invited to a direct experience of archaeological excavations that are being conducted on the remains of a typical Roman Villa in the grounds of the Carlo Diacono Lyceum in Zejtun (close to the Medieval church of St Gregory).

The remains were discovered accidentally during building operations in 1960. Archaeological excavations were undertaken at irregular intervals in the following two decades revealing parts of the residential area of the villa and parts of the stone apparatus used in Roman times for the pressing of olive oil.

The current excavations are being conducted by the Department of Classics and Archaeology of the University of Malta.

An “Open Day” is being held tomorrow between 9am and 11am during which time the interested public will have the possibility of seeing archaeological excavations in action.

The easiest way to reach the school is from the Bir id-Deheb bypass to St Gregory’s Church.