We are pleased to advise that the book ‘Maurice Caruana Curran Guardian of Heritage and Justice’ published by Din l-Art Helwa to honour its Founder President during the 100th Anniversary of his birth, is now available from the DLH bookshop at 133 Melita
 St, Valletta and also through all major bookshops at the price of €45.  
Lavishly illustrated with photos taken during key moments of the late Judge’s long and creative life, the publication is of interest to collectors of Melitensia, to those who believe in the protection of our national heritage and wish to learn more about the story of Din l-Art Helwa and its foundation in 1965.  It is of particular interest to students and lovers of law who will learn how Judge Caruana Curran’s landmark judgments helped to develop Maltese public law especially that governing the rights of the individual which he firmly championed.  

Any proceeds made by Din l-Art Helwa from the sale of the book will be dedicated to the mission and challenges of the organization in the protection of Malta’s cultural heritage