On the occasion of World Heritage Day on April 18th, Dame Fiona Reynolds, President of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) of which Din l-Art Helwa is a member, gave her State of Global Heritage Report in which five major threats to the world’s natural and cultural heritage were identified after a survey that took place in all INTO member countries:

  1. The threat of uncontrollable development and poor planning
  2. Natural disasters and climate change
  3. War and conflict
  4. Cuts to public funding; but most worrying and top of the list:
  5. Public awareness and attitudes towards the value of heritage

The internet post launching Dame Fiona’s address world wide was headed with the Din l-Art Helwa slide showing our volunteer activists taking to the streets in the Save the Countryside and Zonqor protest march on June 20th last year.  Our photo hit 66 INTO member organisations and, together with the report, has been sent to world leaders everywhere.  To see the Post click https://intoorg.org/21929.  To view Dame Fiona’s colourful report on the major threats to natural and cultural heritage around the world and to learn more about the work of the International National Trusts Organisation, click https://intoorg.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/SOGH_2016_INTO.pdf.