Conservatoire du Littoral, a public institution dedicated to the protection of coastal areas with partners such as the MAB Program – UNESCO and GLISPA (Global Island Partnership), launched its third edition of CELEBRATE ISLANDS. Stakeholders involved in the protection of islands  set up exciting activities such as beach clean-ups, workshops, lectures, conferences and guided tours… a vast array of eco-friendly activities to raise awareness of aaste management, water resources and sanitation, renewable energies, biodiversity protection, natural and cultural heritage.

This annual event, lasting a week, is a unique opportunity to highlight the special bond that men on islands have with their environment. It is an important milestone towards the creation of a global, collaborative community of small islands focusing on sustainable development.

Din l-Art Ħelwa, having been invited to participate, came forward this year by organizing a day of guided tours at Wignacourt Tower at St Paul’s. The Tower warden, Mr. Martin Vella, delivered a carefully prepared presentation with images of the tower as it originally appeared when built in 1610 by Grandmaster Alof de Wignacourt as the first coastal tower protecting Malta’s Northern shores. He went on to describe the various functions that this tower has held throughout the centuries, its deterioration and the recent glorious restoration.

The visitors were then shown up the spiral saircase to the main hall which is set up as it was at the time of the Knights as a soldiers’ quarters and finally they were led up on the roof to enjoy the splendid views of St Paul’s island, Selmun Palace and the shore along St Paul’s bay.