The picturesque 17th-century fountain in Lunzjata Valley, a well loved landmark in Kercem, Gozo, was restored in 2007 by Din l-Art Helwa in a joint project with the Kercem Local Council. The restoration was made possible with the generous support of the Alfred Mizzi Foundation who sponsored the work.

The fountain, which had suffered the decay of time and erosion, was built in 1698 by Ercole Martino Testaferrata who was appointed by Grand Master Ramon Perellos y Roccaful to create a niche over the natural spring that gushes forth at this spot. The Lunzjata valley, which had abundant springs whose waters fell into Xlendi Valley, takes its name from the nearby medieval chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation. This verdant and lush area was used by the Order of the Knights as a place of recreation.

The fountain was used by the many Gozitans who came to obtain precious water from this side of the valley. It bears a Latin inscription, as well as two coat-of arms: the one at the top of the fountain belongs to Ercole Testaferrata and the other to Grand Master Perellos.

The fountain is viewable at all times.