Object to take-up of Fgura green area

Din l-Art Ħelwa is objecting to this deplorable attempt to turn one of the last green areas between Fgura and the Bulebel Industrial Estate into yet another over-developed urban maze of 5-storey blocks.

The proposal would see the 23,000sqm site included in the development zone through the 2006 Rationalisation Scheme, packed with apartments and commercial development with only 350sqm being reserved for community services. The rest of the site will be taken up by streets separating these blocks. The developer is making a mockery of the requirement to provide 15% public open space by labeling the street that separates the proposed residential area from the commercial area as ‘open space’. This 9 meter wide street wedged between 5-storey buildings is necessary for the proposed apartments and commercial outlets to have direct frontage on a public road. As proposed, it will not serve the community but simply allow the developer to claim to have provided the mandatory 15% open space without actually having to give up any land for public use.