Object to outdoor theatre stage Belt Valletta

Din l-Art Helwa (DlĦ) strongly objects to the sanctioning of illegal structures in Strait Street, Valletta; a UNESCO world heritage site and area of High Landscape Value of the Harbour Fortifications.

The temporary stage structure was meant to be dismantled at the beginning of 2019. They currently applied to sanction the structure and make it permanent.
The existing structures run counter to the following policies:

SPED T.O.8.1:
To safeguard and enhance biodiversity, cultural heritage, geology and geomorphology by identifying, designating and managing areas, buildings, structures, sites, spaces and species for protection and appreciation.
SPED U.O.2.2:
To improve the townscape and environment in historic cores and their setting with a presumption against demolition of property worthy of conservation by control design, form, scale, density, and type of development.