Times of Malta, Monday 9th June 2008

Letter from Michael Adams, Mellieha

I have read the awful news of the biggest and most recent mistake that Mepa has made. Whoever took the decision about Mistra Village in Xemxija must have a death wish for the north of the island as well as Malta as a whole.

I have never thought much of Mepa as it stands. The village of Mellieħa has been absolutely ruined with all the high-rise buildings all over the place and the skyline dominated by huge cranes as well as the disappearance of all the green areas including the lovely garden area of Santa Maria Estate and Kortin.

This latest act at Mistra is like a dagger pointed straight at the heart of people like us who have invested in this village to get away from the hustle and bustle of our old country.

It is already bad enough trying to reach St Paul’s Bay from here, but can one imagine what it is going to be like when the building work starts and after over 800 abodes have been created?

I sincerely hope that this does not end here and that the Prime Minister will show us what he is made of and stand up to these awful people.

This may have been hatched for some time just to put Lawrence Gonzi to the test and I honestly hope that he will prove to them that he is the man in charge now.

Let us hope that the new style Mepa will be a department of government to look up to and not to be scared of and looked upon with dismay.

Dr Gonzi was successful in March and I am sure that his sincerity will prevail on these horrible people who play with other people’s lives and feelings.