Times of Malta, 8th June 2008

The outline permit granted for the ex-Mistra Village development in Xemxija was tangible proof that the Malta Environment and Planning Authority was continuously damaging Malta’s natural and historical heritage, Alternattiva Demokratika yesterday said.

The project includes 868 residential units, despite the fact that over 53,000 dwellings were vacant, AD spokesman on sustainable development Carmel Cacopardo said in a statement.

He said there was absolutely no need for this kind of project, which he claimed was only aimed at justifying the construction industry’s existence.

Mr Cacopardo said the time had come to declare “a moratorium on massive residential development” which was creating “a very dangerous precedent in Malta”.

He said the European Commission DG Environment had informed AD that the Commission was still studying the project on the ex-Mistra Village site and was seeking clarifications from the government. Last November, AD had presented the EU Commission a petition on the case signed by 550 residents.